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    Ions are molecules with a positive or negative charge. Hair has positive ions, the brush generates negative ions which cancel out the charge and therefore eliminate frizz, static and fly-away hair.

 “Is paying more for an ionic hair brush worth it?” is a question many women ask. What are the benefits that you get from an ionic hairbrush that you don’t get from an ordinary hairbrush? There are many, such as: Seals and smoothen split ends, makes hair softer and shinier, reduce drying time, minimize heat damage, eliminate frizz.

They may be powered by electricity, battery, or butane pack.Ionic brushes have different wattage power. High wattage ionic hairbrushes are suitable for thick hair, while low-powered brushes are suited for thin hair.

Ionic hair brushes come in all kinds of prices, so defining the amount you’re willing to spend before you go shopping before you go shopping is important. Knowing also the features that will suit your hair and particular style in mind can help in determining the right styling tool to purchase.
One of the most important things to consider is the shape of the ionic hairbrush; it can be circular or it can be flat. Your choice of shape brush would depend on the kind of effect or hairstyle you want to achieve.



Ionic hair brushes also come in a wide array of sizes.The style that you want to create would dictate your choice of brush size. Do you want to create small or large curls? A ¾ inch brush create small curls or waves, 1 inch brush creates medium waves, while 1 ½ brush creates large waves. Another important thing to consider is wattage. If you have a thick hair, then you need a high wattage brush. If you have thin hair, a low wattage brush is the safer option.


Now that you know how benefical it is to you, try our own Ionic Hair Brush and let us know your results!

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