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ionic brush

Ionic Hair Brush


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Switch the brush on, run it through your hair, and its ionic technology goes to work instantly smoothing the cuticles as the bristles sweep through the length.
When the brush is turned on and pulled through the hair, the generator in the centre disperses positively and negatively charged ions to neutralize static and frizz. “It adds moisture to the hair and seals the cuticle to improve smoothness and shine.

Hair has a natural positive charge that repels hair strands from each other, thereby causing frizz or fly-away hair. When the negative ions of an ionic hair brush react with repelling hair, the ions force the strands to lay straight alongside each other. Using an ionic hair brush typically gives hair strands a shiny and healthy appearance. When the hair cuticle is flattened, hair typically is softer and has more volume.
As you brush with the ionic technology switched on, your hair will become smoother and easier to handle.

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